BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump Shot, Nursing Serious Head Wound

BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump Shot, Nursing Serious Head Wound
Donald Trump Bloody Photo

Report to our news desk by a chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is that US presidential candidate Donald Trump has been shot

It is alleged that he was targeted for death by either an individual or group who are in possession of a micro electromagnetic pulse (EMP) “device/weapon” that over the past month has twice been detected being used in the United States against him.

According to this report, raising the concerns of the SVR that Trump has been a target for assassination and their analysis of “electro-interference” anomalies over North America reported to them by the advanced military research agency Foundation for Advanced Research Projects (FPI)—who were at the time successfully testing their first atmospheric satellite (ATMOSAT).

As to why the SVR was concerned about these micro EMP bursts, this report explains, was that at the same time they occurred, Donald Trump was the most affected—with his plane suddenly being grounded on 12 July in Indianapolis, and on 29 July his having to be rescued from an elevator in Colorado Springs along with his security detail.

To who targeted Trump with these two EMP attacks this report doesn’t speculate on, but shockingly details

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    This bull shit and typical of the left haters.

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    Not to worry…if he was shot in the head it’s sure to have missed a vital organ.

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