Breaking! 4 Armed Thugs Killed Near City Cabanas, Nairobi

thugs shot dead
thugs shot dead

Four suspected thugs were shot dead on Thursday morning in the vicinity of City Cabanas after being trailed by police from Wangige where they had committed armed robbery.

According to Nairobi Police Boss Japheth Koome, they were headed to Athi River — and police occurred when the former became aware that the latter were hot on their trail at about 4am.

“The thugs were pursued from Kiambu to Nairobi and they had been trailed up to City Cabanas. They fired at our officers and they responded with the four being fatally wounded,” he said.

He said that the gang had been linked to a series of robberies in the Kiambu area including murder.

“Cases of robberies have been on the rise in the area leaving police struggling to contain them,” he said

In the meantime, three suspects were due to be arraigned in court on Thursday morning for attempted robbery with violence.

Koome says that the three had tried to rob an M-Pesa shop when an alarm was raised attracting the attention of police who were close by.

He said the thugs were arrested when they sought medical attention at a nearby clinic following a shoot-out with officers