4 Teachers And A Watchman Beaten To Death By Form Four Students Who Wanted To Burn The School In LIMURU


4 Teachers who tried to stop students from burning a school have been confirmed dead including a watchman who tried to help the teacher stop the students from burning the school!

All this unfolded yesterday in the evening as the students broke off from their dorms and rushed to the hall with gallants of petrol with intention of burning the dining hall down

The watchman on duty saw this and raised the alarm then 4 teachers showed up!

In a series of events the students had poured petrol on the floor and on windows but had not yet lit the fire!

As the teachers tried to stop them, they became violent and started rebelling!

The rebellion lead to war, the number of students outnumbered the teachers!

With no source of help, the students are believed to have stabbed the teachers with knives and killed them!

They fled the scene immediately. However, the  area OCPD has confirmed that investigations are on going!

This is real sad