Over 300 Police Officers To Be Relieved Off Their Duties

police officers
police officers

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has stated that at least 300 officers are facing dismissal.

The officers declining to submit their M-Pesa statements and bank details to facilitate their vetting by the Johnstone Kavuludi-led commission.

“The commission has no alternative but to automatically remove the officers from the service for failing to submit those documents, which was a mandatory requirement for their vetting,” Mr Kavuludi.

Speaking at the Kenya School of Government on Monday in Mombasa, Kavuludi revealed that all officers were supposed to submit the said details before the vetting process kicked off on May 24.

Kavuludi noted that the NPSC would compile a list of officers to be fired then pay them their dues.

He also warned police officers who have resorted to collecting quick money from touts stating that they risked being axed should the allegations against them be proved.

The police vetting in Mombasa that ends on Saturday has unmasked a corruption network through which millions of shillings is exchanged among senior cops.

High ranking officers such as Senior Superintendent Joseph Kimei, Superintendents Gikanda Douglas, Eliud Monare and David Ndungu Wanga have been named among those extorting money from their juniors.