Every time I watch a music video, I get to enjoy, not the nudity in it, but the creativity in making the video and Sosuun’s “Kufunikwa” official video that was released few days ago is one of a kind.

“Maswali ya clinic ni ya Jalang’o na Mwakideo”, is the lyric I like in the video. Not any beef, since the video was launched in Jalango’s presence.

According to Sosuun,

Kufunikwa means “to overshadow or cover” in Kiswahili and is an expression of Sosuun`s intent to cover the whole Female rap scene in Kenya as her Queendom. “Kufunikwa” has Sosuun`s signature lyrical prowess fused with some comical punch lines over a super catchy club afrobeat.

The video is a work of art depicting the new level Sosuun is on.

Watch it and enjoy the scenes.