The Whole Truth; These Are The Reasons Women Of The Rich Cheat

Confirmed Facts, Types Of Women Men Should Never Consider Marrying
Confirmed Facts, Types Of Women Men Should Never Consider Marrying

Cases of married women engaging in extramarital affairs with their houseboys, gardeners and bodyguards have been on the increase recently.

They might be having finance but they also cheat due to the following reasons:

  1. When they are emotionally deprived
    Women prefer to be loved and whenever such a gap arises, they will look for any available means to fill the gap. This explains the fact that whenever women cheat, they do so with a gardener, houseboy or even the workmate; they are the ones who are close to them as their husbands are out drinking or discussing business deals with friends.
    2. The need to be appreciated
    Women, like babies, love to be appreciated and if the man in their lives fails to do so, they feel like they are no longer beautiful. In such circumstances, anybody who grabs the chance and tell them “you are beautiful” will definitely find a room in their hearts.
    3. Sexual satisfaction
    What determines the duration of a relationship or marriage is the way the man performs in bed. Sexual satisfaction is vital for the survival of any marriage and so if a man fails in this area, he is definitely opening Pandora’s box.
    4. Revenge
    Tit for tat is a fair game in the ladies’ world and so whenever they realize their husbands are cheating, they are quick to revenge. They do so and make sure that their men know about the affair in order for them to “feel the way they always do when their men cheat on them”.
    5. Falling in love with other man
    Women can be attracted by a man at the first sight – this man could be the tall black and handsome man that every woman admires but never finds; so whenever opportunity arises, they seize it without giving a second thought