Type Of Men Serious Ladies Should Never Consider Dating!


Relationships may have a lot challenges and some of this challenges can lead to break ups. Here are the type of men ladies should avoid at all costs.

  1. If your man never lets you touch his phone and has never told you security passwords of his phone even after requesting, he could be having a lot of secrets and you don’t know who you are dating. Run away with nearest door and find something else to do.
  2. If your man likes to look at nude pictures of strippers even when you are together with him in bed. He never appreciates your body and always looks for other pictures for satisfaction. What are you waiting for, he will soon dump you.
  3. If when you have a small disagreement your man calls all your relatives and friends informing them of petty issues, he has not, matured and furthermore you are not dating a community.
  4. Mr Rich Guy- A guy who only keeps telling how rich he is and nothing else. Love is not bought and he could be using you and dump you. Keep off even if you are broke.
  5. He has Ex factor in him- He keeps telling you that you don’t do to her what her ex used to do for him. He also supports financially his ex up to now. Hit yourself on the wall and wake up now.
  6. If you meet a guy for the first time and he tell you he loves you. That guy could be moved by lust and not love. Real loves takes time to grow and blossom. Just laugh off and hold on your horses.
  7. If the guy only takes decisions from his mother and not you. Please find something to do, he doesn’t believe in you.
  8. Keeps complaining of everything and is never satisfied.That relationship cannot thrive any longer.
  9. If your boyfriend is not proud of you in public and doesn’t want his friends to know that you are his girlfriend, he is only using you. Just be on your heels.
  10. If the dad is still financier and the guy does not want to hustle for living. He could be lazy. Please keep off or you could be heading to his delayed ex.