Tribes With The Most Educated People

masters degree
masters degree

As the saying goes, if education is expensive try ignorance, just that simple!

Education is the key to success, and every Kenyan wants to achieve the highest level of qualification to command intellectual respect.

A professor is the most educated person in Kenya, followed by a PhD holder.

There are tribes in the country without a single individual with a PhD, leave alone a professor.

Currently, Kenya has a total of 530 professors, where most of them work in various universities across the country. The number of PhD holders is approximately 10,000.But which tribe has the highest number of PhD holders and professors? Here is the list.

Tribe         Number of Professors   Number of PhD holders

Kikuyu       130                                     5,600

Luo             167                                     4,734

Kalenjin     102                                     3,708

Luhya           73                                      2,888

Kisii               49                                      2,111

Kamba          27                                     1,973

Meru            16                                      1,345

Maasai         15                                      1,123

Looking at the figures above,Kikuyu tribe leads with  at least 130 professors and 5,600 PhD holders, followed by the Luo community.

Most of these people work as scholars in local universities. Figures show that The University of Nairobi has the highest number of professors at 110, followed by Moi University (49), Kenyatta (29) and Maseno (17). Jomo Kenyatta, Egerton and Masinde Muliro universities have 11 professors each. All but two private universities have fewer than 10 professors, while the United States International University has 14 and the Kenya College of Accountancy has 15.

Looking at the above figures, it’s evident Kenya has less than 600 professors and not more than 20,000 PhD holders