Road To Marriage; How To Know If Your Partner Is Serious To Settle With You

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When you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend especially after dating for several years, marriage is what every girl thinks of. There are several signs to guide you on whether your partner will marry you or not.

If you are in dilemma or at cross roads, these are the signs to guide you.

1. He/she reveals most secrets to you
If your partner is keen to reveal his secrets to you then be assured that he/she will marry you but if he/she hides most of the issues from you then he/she is not serious about the relationship.

2. Proud to introduce you to his relatives
Anyone who believes you should settle together will always introduce the partner to his relatives, doesn’t need to be pushed to do so.

3. Doesn’t want to see you suffering
Whoever truly loves you will do everything to make you happy regardless of the circumstances. will always protect you from enemies.

4. Will never cheat on you
LADIES; If a man truly plans to marry you he will never cheat on you unless the marriage is just a formality. If your man cheats on you when you are dating then you should not continue with the relationship.

5. Will reveal his investments to you
Usually it’s hard for dating people, especially rich ones, will never reveal to you what they own but if a one wants you to be part of his investments; he/she will start revealing to you what he owns.

6.You are best friend

Ladies; A man who will marry you will make you his best friend. If you find that your man tells you something good after telling others then consider yourself out