Reasons Why Rich Men Marry Kikuyu Women Only, This Is Unbelievable!

Reasons Why Rich Men Marry Kikuyu Women Only, This Is Unbelievable!
Reasons Why Rich Men Marry Kikuyu Women Only, This Is Unbelievable!

Ever wondered why most rich Kenyan men marry from kikuyu land? Worry no more because we are revealing the reasons here. First and for most kikuyu ladies have underlying factors that make them attractive to rich men.

Take a look;

They don’t play hard to get when they are sure a man is rich.

Kikuyu women play smart, unlike other women. Instead of playing hard to get, they play smart. Once they spot the opportunity, they make sure they behave-even faking some behaviours that attract rich men-so as to bait the man. These women know what they want, they can go miles pleasing the man until they get what they want.

They know where the rich guys spend their time

Unlike other women who spend their time at Muthurwa market, gikomba,taj mall,Rongai and Kawangware chewing sugarcane..Kikuyu women spend time at Sankara, Villa Rosa Kempinksi and posh areas where the rich guys are found mostly.

While other tribes like Luhya, Kisii, Luo, Maasai and Kamba love Nigerian movies, Kikuyu women know what kind of movies rich men watch. If the man invites such a lady to his house, she will choose and carry the best movies for him, thus attracting the attention of the guy.

Kikuyu women always attend events where CEOs and top leadership are in attendance.They mingle and exchange contacts, when other tribes are attending Gor Mahia match at City Stadium.

In keeping up with her straight forwardness, the Kikuyu woman will appreciate if you don’t joke too much. And don’t bring along of games to the relationship.

For starters, she already is thinking of having your kids. She’s already mentally figuring out the sort of house you guys will move into soon. She’s already asking you to move in with her by next weekend.

She’s already asking you why you can’t move closer to where she stays because, ‘Si Ngong ni mbari sana?’. She’s figured this whole thing out. She knows she wants three kids with you. One dog. And no cat.