Most Overrated Careers in Kenya…They Are Poorly Paying And Useless As Well


Sometimes when I was in college, I used to hear a certain group saying, “education is the real deal”, little did they know it’s one of the most overrated courses in Kenya.If you are in any of the following careers, know that people in other careers are laughing at you…simply because you are overworked with little pay.


A degree in education is the most overrated course in Kenya.A degree course leading to teaching career takes 4 years to complete, but after you are employed, you start counting coins as your salary. What makes teachers always wipe tears is the fact that a mitumba trader earns more than them. To add kachumbari into injury, the teacher is constantly in loans….please show me any teacher who has never taken a loan and I will show you 100 mitumba traders who own apartments in Nairobi.


Lecturers are a bunch of broke guys, who always walk with full heads but empty pockets. These people have kept beards for years…I wish beards could convert to money, walking at an academic angle and throwing big words in every statement, but when you examine their accounts, you simply smile and look away.

A lecturer is a broke guy, I tell you, and their bank accounts are dry from January to December, not even part time classes will save them.


Actuaries in Kenya do exist, but who knows them anyway. This course is regarded as one of the toughest careers in the country but people who pursued it are languishing in Nairobi slums. The guys were meant to develop risk models, pension models and guide banks on how they can make trillions through wise investment decisions, but what do you get; an Actuary selling insurance policies and being paid on commission.

Actuarial science is a big thing in UK, USA and other developed countries but not here in Kenya where we buy models from such countries.


People who work in banks can scare you, just from the way they dress, but if you go further to check their bank accounts, you will sympathize with them.

The first thing a banker is told when he joins the most stressful careers is that image is everything, then he is given a loan to invest in clothing. This starts the journey of misery and hopelessness.

Bank tellers dies of depression, poverty and rejection simply because they can meet the expectations of the society.


No matter how hard you work as a nurse, you will never earn more than Ksh200, 000, never ever. Nurses works for almost 24 hours but their pay is peanuts..which pains me.

I better become a njugu seller than pursue nursing profession.