Male Parent Pose As A Major problem In The Community

Kibera slums

Kibera slum is one of the largest slums in the world, it is highly populated and the number is increasing on a high rate.

Most of the children in the area are neglected by both parents or one parent but at the same time some parents yearn for that love from their daughters and sons.

We encountered that most of the children neglected by their parents are between months to fifteen years of age but when they are all grown and a role model to the society the parent claims back the child.

Male parents fail to meet their responsibilities, some of them claim to be young while others have so many families to take care of and yet their earnings is not that pleasing and enough to cater for the needs of all the families and so they end up neglecting their own blood.

Though not all parents earn peanuts, some are well of, they do big expensive weddings, have posh houses and the latest ride in the town  but after sometime everything is shunned away and the mother ends up struggling to bring up  the children and cater for their needs which is a burden to one parent

male parent pose as problem to the community
male parent pose as problem to the community

Despite the help being offered by many well wishers and community representatives children are not able to do anything constructive for their lives, they just end up staying at home to do house chores, taking care of their young siblings and some even end up being the bread winners for their families so as to make it easier for their mums.

In kisumu, the no of girls in the streets is increasing day by day, statistics has it that 70 per cent of the girls in the streets are neglected by their male parent and without forgetting Africa’s traditions and culture,the man of the house say is final woman has no right to correct him in his decision and if she does that is disrespect.

Sexual offenses being on the rise in the country,kilifi is one of the most affected counties. 85 per cent of the defilement cases reported, the victims are related to the perpetrators as their daughter, some cases go unreported and unprosecuted and the victims remain vulnerable  to further violence while the perpetrators remain free  to re-offend.

According to the counselors it may take forever for one to overcome such an experience if he lacks proper counseling. This causes damages like brain damage and life time sickness.

In many cases one is not able to do anything constructive with her life. She just ends up struggling to overcome  the rejection  they faced. Some become smugglers, prostitutes and  rapists so as to revenge the pain the once felt. The pain that changed their life completely.