Learn Of The Emerging Sexually Transmitted Disease MG, More Deadly Than HIV/AIDS

‘New’ S*xually Transmitted Infection ‘MG’
‘New’ S*xually Transmitted Infection ‘MG’

The infection – mycoplasma genitalium (MG) – causes few, and often no, symptoms. It is unclear whether it could trigger complications such as infertility.

The media sources describe MG as a new infection, but it was actually discovered in 1981, although at the time it was unclear if it was a s*xu@lly transmitted infection (STI).

According to the Guardian “A s*xually transmitted infection could have infected hundreds of thousands of people in the UK,”.

New research suggests it could be. A large study of UK adults found 1 in 100 adults aged 16 to 44 were infected with MG, with the majority showing no symptoms.

Black men from deprived areas were most likely to carry the bacteria, while infection risk increased for those with more s*xual partners and those who did not practice safe s*x.

MG infection was linked to a higher risk of post-s*x vaginal bleeding – a possible sign of disease – but this was tentative, and the only sign the infection might be causing disease

This study provides a prevalence estimate and insight into risk factors, but leaves the question of potential long-term harm unanswered.

This question requires further investigation using different study types.

However, you can protect yourself from MG and other STIs by practicing safe s*x. The humble condom offers the best protection against STIs and can be used during penetrative, oral and anal s*x

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