Ladies& Gentlemen Come Closer, Here are 8 Things To Do When your Partner Suddenly Stops Texting You


As unhealthy as it is, texting and sending messages on WhatsApp is how the average Nairobi couple keeps in touch today.

That’s so wrong!! Communication on relationships should be kept verbal always thus prevent unnecessary misunderstanding!


However, we have outline few steps on how to deal with a partner who stops texting you all over a sudden

  1. Do nothing – This is the best way to tackle a man/woman who suddenly stops texting you. Just ignore it. If he/she is one of those that like to play games, he/she will come around.
  2. Don’t blame yourself – This is the first thing that a woman finding herself on the other side of this silence should remember. not texting could be due to a number of reasons, could be busy or maybe just didn’t want to. Maybe has moved on. Whatever the case, it isn’t your fault.
  3. Self-control – If a partner doesn’t text back, it is okay to do a follow up text to make sure that he/she is okay. If this one goes unanswered, let it go. Give out some space. Every one needs it every so often.
  4. Distract yourself – There is a whole lot of things that you could do with yourself rather than sit there and mull over why he hasn’t called you back. Try doing something to distract yourself. Something that you enjoy doing.
  5. Do not play it on your mind – Just as you should keep yourself physically busy, try and also keep your mind from all of it. Otherwise, you might drive yourself crazy thinking about the reasons why one could be behaving that way
  6. Straight up ask– If you have physical access, just go up and ask why they stopped texting you. While you may not like the answer they give, knowing will save you from a lot of heart ache and time wasted guessing.
  7. Ask friends or family – The truth is that something terrible might have happened to your spouse. Before you write him/her off as just another joker, try asking friends and family after him just to make sure that one is okay.
  8. You can move on – If it has been too long and you feel like the person in question is playing games yet you don’t have energy to, it is okay to start moving on.