Kenyan Tribes Which Produce Good Women BUT Not Wife Material

Kenyan Tribes Which Produce Good Women BUT Not Wife Material

Picking from where we left weeks ago, facts about kamba women, why men fear women from central Kenya and so on.

Men; Hear this and hear it loud! If you are intending to marry soon, please read what you see here and make a wise decision.

For those who consider tribes when marrying, We have conducted our own research; the result you will see below is factual. Below is a list of women you should be careful once you are married to them.

Women from Mount Kenya region are known to be independent, dangerous and ready to do everything to inherit a man’s property. Once the man acquires wealth, he should be careful how he treats his wife if she is a Kikuyu. They are also extremely ambitions, something that makes them not create time for husbands.

Kisii women are very violent and ready to fight a man any time. They like arguing a lot and always want to be equal to a man.They don’t know how to dress; they also eat a lot, something that makes them grow like pigs. However, they are good cooks and have motherly love.

Meru women are also very violent. They don’t give men time to breath when they are annoyed.

Luo and Kamba women are extremely immoral. They can cheat anytime even if they are married.