Interesting Things About Luo Women That Every Single Man Interested In Them Must Know About

Things About Luo Women That Every Single Man Interested In Them Must Know About
Things About Luo Women That Every Single Man Interested In Them Must Know About

After we pre emptied things Bachelors Interested On Kisii Ladies should know before Committing To Her, Today we are revealing who is a luo lady

There are several characteristics that describe Luo women, some shocking and others unique. Luo women live in Nyanza region with a number living in urban areas and abroad.

If you have ever interacted with a Luo woman then you know some of the best and worst traits of these women.

They are jovial

Unlike other Kenyan women who are always moody, Luo women are always jovial. They are the kind of women who can enter a room where people were mourning and suddenly make the room warm by changing the mood of the house.

Intelligent and aggressive

It’s confirmed,Luo women are the second most intelligent women in Kenya after the Kikuyu. In school, in decisions and in terms of aggressiveness-in fact they are more aggressive than their Luo men.

Extremely good in bed

Nobody can beat a Luo woman in bed. These women are extremely good and sweet. Any man who has ever tested them would tell they know all the styles and know which one is the best for a man. You can c%m up to 6 times per night if you are blessed to have a Luo that night.

They can easily cheat on you

Be careful if you have a Luo woman as your girlfriend or wife. Unless you satisfy her, she will look for the “food” elsewhere. The worst is when you are in a distance relationship-be sure she will be warming another man’s bed as you eat the cold elsewhere.

Perfect figure

Leave alone the face-I know the Kikuyu and Kamba women have pretty faces but when it comes to the body complexion, a Luo woman beats them all. If you are looking for a woman with congested behind, size 8 or someone who can make a man follow her from behind all along then a Luo woman is the one.

A luo woman does not go for artificial organs, hers are natural.

She is a good cook

If you haven’t eaten delicious meal then you haven’t come close to where a Luo woman cooks. These women can cook! Kwanza fish.

High self esteem and social

This is what most Kenyan luck. Even if a Luo woman has nothing she will do everything to remain happy and comfortable. It doesn’t matter what you think about her as long as she believes in herself.

Luo women are social and at the same time know how to keep friends