HOME REMEDY: Are your Menstrual Cramps causing you lots of pain?.TRY THIS!!


Menstrual Cramps are also known as period pains, the pains mostly occur in the lower abdomen. During your menstrual period, woman’s uterus contracts to help expel its lining.

Hormone-like substances prostaglandins involved in pain and inflammation trigger the uterine muscle contractions.


Higher levels of prostaglandins are associated with more-severe menstrual cramps.

Research shows that the below drinks can be of great help in the reduction of menstrual cramps pain.

  1. Ginger, honey and lemon juice

Ginger is known to treat any kind of fatigue. It is mainly used to treat the premenstrual syndrome which is mainly the reason for irregular periods. Adding ginger in this remedy makes it one of the most natural remedies for menstrual cramps. On the other hand lemon will help in calming the discomfort that is caused by cramps and lemon juice will provide the much needed content of the vitamin c.

  1. Basil leaves drink

Basil is considered one of the most effective and healthiest herbs of all. It has a rich source of painkiller properties as it contains analgesic. It is known to relieve menstrual pain and reduce bad menstrual cramps.

  1. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon tea is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and antispasmodic properties. It is mostly used in home remedies for menstrual cramps. Go try this tasty and highly effective tea today to get rid of the annoying discomfort during your periods!

  1. Fennel herbal tea

Fennel seed is a rich source of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to relax muscles therefore the perfect ingredient to get rid of painful menstrual cramps.

  1. Blackstrap molasses and milk

Blackstrap molasses is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6 and many others. This makes it a potent ingredient to treat these bad period cramps because it helps in soothing the discomfort in the lower abdomen.

  1. Chamomile tea

Am sure you wondering how to cure menstrual cramps with chamomile tea remedy. Let me first introduce you to the main benefits of chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is rich in inflammatory properties and antispasmodic properties, these qualities of the chamomile tea will help in reducing the cramps during menstruation.