World Cerebral Palsy Day, How The Commemoration Went Down

World Celeral Palsy day celebrations
World Celeral Palsy day celebrations PHOTO/COURTESY

The World Cerebral Palsy Day is commemorated every first Wednesday in the month of October. This day started off as a social movement in 2012 and is marked annually ever since.

This year, the day was commemorated on Wednesday 5th October 2016 at Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary School under the guidance of Mrs. Rose Mureu the school Head Teacher.

World celebral apsly day walk along Fig tree ngara
World celebral apsly day walk along Fig tree ngara PHOTO/COURTESY

The school had organized an awareness walk in support of the children with cerebral palsy at the school. The event was flagged off by Madam Josepheta Mukobe the Principal Secretary, State Department of Special Programmes.

Several organizations had joined the school with the major partners being the Mt. Kenya University, School of Law.

The Cerebral Palsy unit at Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary was established in 2006. This was 2 years after Mrs. Mureu had joined the school and she witness the struggle undergone by of the teachers, Mrs. Njoroge who had a child with cerebral palsy.

The little girl was only eight years old and there was no school at the moment which was admitting children with her condition.

This compassion led Mrs. Mureu to establish the CP Unit. Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary became the first public school in the country to establish such a unit. 10 years down the line, the school now has over 100 children and they are in need of more facilities such as workshops, hydro-therapy, boarding facilities as well as a school bus.

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong disability which is caused by brain damage which can occur before, during…

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