Warning; Do Not Take Painkillers With Soda; Here’s Why


In a shocking message received from Kenyatta National Hospital, a Kenyan man died after he took an energy drink with panadol as a painkiller.

According to a relative,the deceased died shortly after he was received at the hospital hours after taking the painkiller


It was then a senior doctocto in the facility released the information regarding what transpired

He wrote;

““WARNING: .A youth died on Tuesday 15/12/16 just after taking PANADOL, he died immediately after taking the panadol with an energy drink… an investigation was carried out and discovered clearly that PANADOL with a drink that has GAS changes into POISON by drinking it he died instantly, DO NOT TAKE ANY DRUG WITH SODA or ANY DRINK THAT HAS GAS??….. Save somebody’s life today.
Dr. Mike KNH