Facts About “Tomboy”s You Should Know Before Settling With One

African Tomboy

A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy. It might go further to dressing, being physical in nature.

Settling with a tomboy in marriage could be a very risky affair that you should know of before making the move. We have sampled some facts about them that you should know.

1.They are not romantic

Have you ever imagined living with a man as a wife? I believe that just like me, your answer is NO. Well, tomboys are workaholics. They believe in providing for their needs and will end up focusing more on work and come home late and very tired. No time for you.

2. They don’t put on make-up

Just like men, or rather boys, they don’t concentrate much on how they look. They further they can go with make-up is having 20 bob Arimi’s on their back pack that they can apply on their lips in case they are dry.

Arimi's, used for milking cows
Arimi’s, used for milking cows PHOTO/COURESTY

3. They are not submissive

God created man as the head of the family. As the head, there are some things you will have to stand firm and condemn or request them to be done. A tomboy will call that crap and move on. You can’t watch your news as she cooks, instead, you will ironing.

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