Don’t Let Her Go! 5 Sure Ways To Make Her Take You Back


I know most people find situations like this Awkward but the truth is Alot of people will Find this Article very Helpful how to say they are sorry the often find it very difficult to say so this is a Perfect Guide and it will surely help you re-connect that lost Flame.


Most times absence really makes the heart grow fonder but other times, it causes that heart to seek out another man. What am trying to say is this don’t be in a Haste to  call first. I recommend you Try sending a heart warming text, i dont mean the one that will make her think you’re looking for a way to trick her into getting her Goodies if you know i mean,” or just typing “Hi how are you” and then send, that’s a BIG No that’s not what I mean. there is this Quote by a dating Expert JULIE SPI i love so much it says

“Think about something that you shared together that might warm her heart.”

YES thats a great idea Like for Example: A song you both love, a Concert you both attended, an event, food, you know things that are heart warming and your text might go like this

Hi dear i Was listening to the radio and heard that All of me song by JOHN LEDGEND it really Brought back memories of the concert we both attended together i really miss you and i Hope you’re doing great Take care. Mind you thats not just an ordinary Take care in this case your very expectant for a reply just Give her a little time and let the Text do its Magic Then If she responds to your text she may be open to rekindling that spark you both Had and that’s just it.

But incase She responds with “Hey Go away” or sends an emoji with the middle finger hehehehe..  Then let’s Proceed to STEP TWO.


Well So far, so good I highly Suggest a heartwarming casual date by phone let him/her feel your voice talk slow dont strain it Don’t send a Texts a Ping or emails. Let her hear your voice and register some sincere effort on your part. Just call her and “See if she’d like to join you for that New Love Movie Premier, A Quite Lovely Dinner date, The New Painting that’s currently trending at the Art Gallery,

Your call can go this way dont echo be free and simply say Hi Charity  “It wanna give you a chance to get together in a relaxed environment, very Quite without too much pressure.” just the two of us

Please also remember, accepting your invite is just that—and not a sure sign she wants to get back together. If she turns you down don’t Go Ballistic or yell at her, Simply give her some  space. “Don’t beg, cry, or stalk her,”

You might just says. “hey I really wish you could have come.

Now if it’s truely meant to be, she’ll come around on her own time-table.”


Now if she accepts your date invite, Dont jump on her with annoying Questions like Hey did you miss me, Hey what you did was wrong just ease in Go Gently simply Ask what she’s been up to,

So Charity hows work going so far, if hows everything been so far asking after her wellfare is the Smartest Move Then, if the date is going smothly and she seems to be warming up (now you can vividly read the signs) walk up/ move closer to her Hold her hands say you want her back. Vulnerability on your part might improve your odds of a second chance; don’t just rip the Band-Aids off every old wound. “Open your heart and see how she reacts,”

Thats just it “You don’t need to talk about everything that went wrong before in the Relationship. She knows everything and Trust me everything will Go just fine you just have to keep the conversation light.”

Thanks I hope you enjoyed your comments are much appreciated

  1. Accept you were wrong and willing to change for the better and also promise to treat her with the love and care she deserves.
  1. Give her time and space, don’t be on her neck for an answer, don’t irritate her by always bugging her for an answer, just relax, pray and work on yourself while you wait for an answer.

To that lady, if you really love him, don’t punish him too long, accept him back and revive the love.

And to the guy, if she comes back to you, treat her like a queen and she would crown you king.