DISGUSTING 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Kenyan Barmaid (MUST READ)


If we are going to be real, we are also going to accept that most barmaids are hot. They have unbelievable bodies that ooze sex all the way. A mere glance at them can even lead to the Pope denouncing his celibacy vows. Thirsting over them can make you ‘release’ the missile even before seeing the target. But as they say, things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream..



Here are reasons why you should never date a barmaid.


  1. They are super cheaters

Barmaids also happen to be good playeresses. I coined that word up but it still makes sense. These women are experts at programming men and swallow them whole – dinosaur style. She knows which man to deal with at what time. Barmaids get hit on by about 50 guys every day and out of these, she will ‘ingia box’ for around 5 to 10 of them depending on her elastic limit

The successful guys are mostly the ones that give fat tips. She thus has to schedule shag mates on a daily basis. What’s worse is that you can’t have the right to get mad at her when she’s talking to a guy because she’ll say he’s just a customer.


It’ll be interesting to note that most barmaids have kids from more than one man. They go into the booze business to look for means of supporting their armies of children. These kids are mostly hidden and you;ll only realize she had another child when she’s already pregnant with your baby


  1. They adore tips

All barmaids love being tipped. They can accept anything a man gives so long as it’s free .Woe unto you if you are a boyfriend with a struggling career. You’ll keep on thinking she’s always tired from work yet she’s tired from being tapped in the back seat of a Probox after work


Barmaids love money more than food. Some even go ahead to steal from customers. How many times have you seen them arguing with customers about whether or not they returned the change. Some even love exaggerating the bills upon realizing that the customer is drunk

  1. You have to be patient

Barmaids make plans with several men. You just have to wait for your turn and that turn won’t come soon. She’s only yours when she’s with you. Such an arrangement may not work well for you.


Recently, a buddy of mine fell in love with a barmaid. So one evening he waited for her in his car outside her workplace for a few hours. As he was busy dozing in the seats, he woke up to see some older loaded guy picking her from the bar.


He was devastated. She had promised to see him but she forgot he even existed.


  1. Barmaids are ever hórny

Because guys are all the time touching their bʊtts and bréasts, bartneders normally leave their workstations when they are super hórny. That’s why majority of these girls are very generous with their goodies.


You can shag a barmaid for 10 hours straight and she’ll still want ‘lungula saucer’. This is the extra séx after you are both very tired.


To them, anytime is shagging time. If you marry a barmaid, be ready to share her with the whole estate or village.

  1. They drink like fish

Barmaids are connoisseurs at downing pints. They ask for whisky in the morning like Maina Kageni. When she realizes you are conservative with your money, she will try to extract as much free beer from you as possible. It’s no secret that guys who are mena with their money are usually generous at buying beer.


  1. Barmaids get shagged in the loo

Because a good number of them are too busy at work, they don’t get enough time to get serviced. SO the only option they have been left with is engaging in quickies from the loos where the lungula lasts less than a jogoo on top of a hen .

The result?


  1. Their punanis are very dry

Most of these barmaids have been over-pénetrated. Their vag!nal linings don’t even have any soup left in them because they have been over-pumped by hundreds of team mafisi enthusiasts whom they meet every single nigh