7 Signs Your Girlfriend Will Make A Good Wife


We all can agree to one fact that marriage isn’t a rehearsal but instead you have to live it from the word go.

The modern age characterized by advanced Internet and social media platforms has made it quite hard to find the right partner to spend the rest of your life with.

Most young people are now ever busy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp among other social platforms.

The likes of Tinder have tempted many singles to venture into the world of the unknown hoping to find the perfect partner.

The book of Proverbs 8: 22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD”

Gentlemen, below are a few key indicators that shows your girlfriend will make a good wife. Add a few more if you wish……

  1. She Respects You
    If you girlfriend respects you, consults with you prior to making important decisions, especially those relating to your relationship, then chances are very high that she will make a good wife. Furthermore, if she treats both your friends and family members with respect then she might as well be the right one.

2.She Cooks Well
Here I don’t mean a perfect good like a chef, but she knows how to cook like a real mother. If she can’t even cook ugali how can she take care of you, leave alone the kids?

  1. You Share a Lot in Common
    If you have similar hobbies and you love similar stuff, then it will be much easier to connect and form a strong bond that will be key to your union being a success. If you find that both of you love movies, football, travelling, hiking, camping, cooking, dancing, then she will most likely be a good wife.
  2. She’s Good With Kids
    If you partner loves children and plays with them like they are her own kids, then she will not only be a good wife but also an amazing mother. Children need a caring mother as much as you need a caring wife.
  3. She’s a Good Communicator
    Open communication is key in any relationship, and if your partner communicates her feelings and concerns openly without being personal, then she can make a good wife. The fact is that any union will be faced with a myriad of challenges along the way, and being able to communicate openly and effectively will be key to maintaining balance and tranquility.
  4. She’s Trustworthy and Faithful
    If you have been together for quite some time and has always been faithful and trustworthy to you, it is a clear indication that she can as well be a good wife. As a man you need someone you can trust and who will be loyal and faithful to you because you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with her.
  5. She’s Emotionally Stable
    If she is able to handle pressure and issues on your relationship maturely, it means she is emotionally stable. You will need someone who will be willing to sit down and discuss issues affecting your marriage without having to act like a little girl announcing to all and sundry that you two have issues