Moral decay is rampant to ladies unlike men. the society stopped caring long ago. the church has been turned to a walk in, walk out ‘halled’ house.

many people don’t know, or just ignore to pay the expected decency in church. Here are 5 things you should never to wear to a place of worship WHEREVER you attend:
1.  Ultra high mini skirts. Who wants to see your underwear during the sermon, really?


thigh-high minis..PHOTO/COURTESY

2. Plunging cleavage. Save it for your earthly date, not your meeting with God.

offf the shoulder dress, top-PTHOTO/ COURTESY

3.  Anything you wear to bed or to a club.

4. Noisy jewelry, shoes, buckles.

5. Heavy fragrance. For the young and the more mature churchgoers, too much fragrance makes it hard to breathe when you’re snuggled close in the pews.