5 Reasons Why Most Kenyan Ladies Fall For Guys That Own Cars


It has come to my attention that nowadays most Kenyan girls prefer to date a guy who owns a car and lives in his own flat rather than just any guy. It’s indeed a shameful trend. I think a lot of factors are responsible for this behaviour. Somehow it’s a societal issue. We have a society that has come to idolize ostentation of affluence- especially things like cars.

We’re a pretty poor nation, looking from the GDP angle; hence anyone with a car can be quickly adjudged as being wealthy. I doubt I can do sufficient justice to this issue at hand. So without so much time wasting, Trending Post will list down a few reasons why Kenyan ladies fall for guys who own vehicles;

  1. It’s way easier to make out in a car than while taking a stride;

They say it’s more romantic to make out with your man while he’s driving. But then you could end up causing a tragic accident. Ladies always have fake reasons for fake feelings including the fact that it’s more comfortable to weep in BMW than to laugh on a bicycle.

  1. Having a car means being financially stable, according to Kenyan ladies;

Apparently, our state is facing a lot of financial hurdles including NYS billion shillings scandals and teacher strikes. Kenyan girls now think that any Kenyan man who can fuel his guzzler every morning in these hard economic times must surely be the Mr right.

  1. Kenyan ladies are always out there looking for shortcuts in life;

Dating a rich guy that owns a Mercedes Benz means that you will never have to walk to the matatu stage to get a ride to your work place. In addition, you won’t to pay anymore and of course your lunch will be catered for

  1. This means people will have to double tap their BMW selfies on Instagram;

Besides financial independence, cheap social media fame is also another factor affecting our Kenyan girls. They are always up and about posting selfies with upcoming celebrities, Chinese or Turkish meals in the name of “More Likes”!!!

  1. The light-skin ladies will obviously think that they no longer have to buy pads;

Most light-skin ladies happen to be blondes and tend to jump into conclusions without even asking more details on the issue. I believe everyone knows that vehicles have brake pads…. unfortunately they don’t work similarly as those that our girls have interest in.

men in cars take note! fall into traps at your own risk!!!