VERA SIDIKA’S EX Boyfriend Shares Steamy Intimate Photos With His New Curvy GIRLFRIEND! AUUUCH (PHOTOS)


Yommy Johns is not done with making his ex girlfriend Vera Sidika bitter now that he is over her and has found a new woman.

A while back the fella was accused of leaking Vera Sidika’s intimate photos on social media – something that saw Vera Sidika expose the Nigerian man, stripping him naked on social media.


Well, according to Vera Sidika the fella is a conman and as far as she is concerned…he is not worth the struggle

However, Lady Kaygee seems to disagree with this. Even after Yommy Johns was exposed by Vera Sidika, Kaygee seems to have fallen harder for her new man.

Just recently they both had a video call and judging from the screenshots taken during the call…this must have been a steamy session between the two love birds living in different continents at the moment.

From how Lady Kaygee was dressed, this lady must have mastered an art of keeping her man entertained to avoid him walking back to his exe’s arms.

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