Unmasking Anyang Nyong’o ‘Killers’ , Full Details


Kisumu Senator and ODM strongman, Prof. Peter Anyang Nyongo, has dispelled online rumours about his death, terming them malicious and reckless.

Addressing the press mid this week, Nyongo revealed that he had received several phone calls from friends and supporters seeking information about his health following online talk that he had been taken ill and was dead.

He assured his friends and supporters that he was in perfect health and focused on winning the Kisumu Governorship in the August polls.

“People should stop this malicious and yellow propaganda. I have been ignoring them since 2013,” stated Nyongo.

“I do not understand the cause of these rumours. They are very reckless and unless someone wants to poison me, they should stop,” he added.

The ODM Senator warned Kenyans to stop spreading rumours and propaganda about people, especially in the run up to the August 8th General Election.