Two Men Who Were Caught Stuck At Jacob Juma’s Coffin Escaped Lynch By A Whisker

juma's grave
juma's grave

Two people were on Sunday morning caught stuck trying to steal Jacob Juma coffin worthy millions so as to resale.

According to reports his coffin was worthy 2 million and could have been good business if they could get it.

The two armed young men were failed in their plan as the Juju they were to use that day failed to work and instead stuck at the grave until dawn.

It took intervention of Bukusu medicine man to release them.

According to traditionalist, jacob juma was buried in away that nobody could disturb him in his grave.

He was reportedly buried with a Torch, A knife two tortoises and other traditional medicine.

The men later escaped lynch by locals and were saved by Police officers for questions

This is not something new as if you can remember a confession of a member of gang who used to steal coffins from prominent people who had died but later stopped after his three other colleagues were shot dead.