THE TRUTH: Did Hon. Raila Odinga sacrifice his son Fidel Odinga to win the presidency in 2017?


There is a story doing rounds on the blog-sphere that is not only shocking but unbelievable following the pre-mature death of Fidel Odinga, Son to Kenya’s Opposition Leader Raila Odinga

The article claims that Raila Odinga could have allegedly sacrificed his son Fidel Odinga for power


The article further, allegedly claim that weeks before Fidel Odinga passed on unfortunately, Hon. Raila Odinga had visited Buhari and so they link his death to witchcraft.

Let’s see how true is that!!!

On January 2015, Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi did an article pointing out  that Fidel died of Alcohol poisoning

He exclusively pointed out that after  talks within the opposition and the family is that Fidel died of slow alcohol poisoning inflicted on him from a third force.

Anyway,it is not only a LIE but PROPAGANDA and SADLY UNFORTUNATE that someone could allege that Raila Odinga did such a bad thing to his blood son…no he can’t!

While what killed Fidel Odinga remains unknown officially, and thus it is of best interest that we let Fidel rest in peace.

As we near the elections,expect loads and loads of propaganda that candidates will be trading against each other to place them in winning positions of power.

Isn’t it so unfortunate and sad… low people can get? Trade these stories as gutter unless evidence is shown.