Things Kenyan Celebrities And Media Personalities Do To Stay SINGLE


Famous Kenyan wealthy celebrities and media personalities are setting a record of clocking 40’s yet no idea of what it feels to be a family man/woman.

For instance, Maina Kageni. He always dishes out very good advice for a living but worryingly at 40+ years of age, can’t prove that it has done all the work for him. Needless to say, his personality exudes “relationship guru” as he plays a role that spans being one and even also a relationships therapist, yet we haven’t seen the effect of that on him.


The ladies are blessed indeed. With beauty and brains. Carol mutoko, The former Kiss 100 radio queen has been  straightforward towards her resistance to marriage ever since she became famous.

Sometimes back, Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo had the most stunning TV love on Kenyan TV and alot of people felt that there was a great deal of affection going on behind the scenes.

Curious Viralnewsalert did an interview to Vicky and certainly she did uncover exactly what sort of relationship she had with Larry Madowo.

Miss Vicky consistently insisted Madowo and her were simply workmates and nothing more!

Watch the video below/COURTESY