REVEALED: What Kenyan Men Are Googling For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here with us, and we know most of you, especially the guys, are probably struggling with what to get her.

The gift you decide upon can make or break your relationship but sometimes the issue isn’t the gift, but the fact that you may want to overdo it, or go with a cheaper alternative, because you’re wondering about the ‘what ifs’ of your relationship.


Here’s a list of the different stages in a relationship and the gifts you can get at each stage, to help you decide on what to buy.

1. Just started dating

You may be new to each other but you cannot ignore the day completely. What works here is a small simple gesture to let your SO know you are thinking about him or her, without scaring them away. A simple card with a funny message makes things between you two less awkward. If you feel like getting him or her a gift voucher, or chocolate to go with the card, well and good. Chocolate is your best friend.

2. Dating for a few months

Both of you are probably considering love at this stage, and the relationship has potential though still at the beginning phases. What you can do, however, is plan a nice dinner with your valentine at a nice restaurant. Dress the part and prep for a fun time together. For guys, please get some flowers before you pick her up and surprise her when you meet her. Red roses symbolize deep love so you might want to get a different color, say pink, which shows your relationship is still developing, but even more, pink symbolizes admiration and appreciation.

3. In love

So you’ve been dating for more than a year? You’re in love! The two of you have probably talked about a future together, kids and all, so at this phase you want to get the serious stuff: jewelry! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we’re not saying you buy diamonds – well if you can then go ahead – but get her a special gift like a bracelet, a necklace – something you know she will love. At this stage, jewelry shows that you care and you know your SO well enough.

4. Engaged

Sema pressure! So for you guys the wedding is not so far off. You’ve been dating a long while and have pretty much been there done that when it comes to Valentine’s Day and romantic gestures. But, you’re still not off the hook. Surprise your fiancé or fiancée with a nice scrapbook of your memories together, remind him or her of your special moments of fun, laughter and love – jumpstart the future life together. Just be creative with this, especially men, she’ll be impressed.

5. Married

The duration of time you’ve been married has probably been an experience what with the work, kids, chores, in-laws among other issues. For you two, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your love for each other. Plan a cozy date night, in any case you are already comfortable around each other – don’t forget the RED roses. Get a babysitter if you have kids, and make this the night to remember!

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6. Single

Surprise! Yea, we had to. You’re not forgotten. So in this case, you do not have to buy anything, no stressing over what you have to get someone else – they’re not there anyway. But who said you can’t get yourself a gift or go on a shopping spree? Do it! You deserve to spoil you, while you can. Alternatively, you can get yourself a peaceful night at the Convent International Guesthouse and soak yourself in a hot relaxing tub over a tall glass of juice and just feel good.

The best thing you can do at whatever phase of your relationship is simply showing the other person how much you care, but a little gift goes a longer way, and no one mind’s a gift…no?

Happy Valentine’s!