Rare Photos Of DP William Ruto When He Was A Village Pastor Long Before Joining Politics

William Ruto
William Ruto

Deputy president William Samoei Ruto started his journey to fame by first being the village church evangelist, one who saved lots of sinners, thiefs and land grabbers by spreading the word of the Bible.

Photos of DP Ruto before the money and fame are doing rounds on the internet as people are wowed at how he was a staunch christian way back.

A former DP’s colleague at the university, Ezekial Mutua, now CEO of the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB), shared nostalgic pictures depicting Ruto in his humble beginnings before joining politics

Evangelist WSR (William Samoei Ruto) back in the day. . .Now Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya. Truly inspiring. This is what happens when you serve God diligently in your youth!” wrote Ezekiel Mutua on his Facebook page.

The photos depict DP William Ruto carrying a bible and a hymn book after a church service.

Check out the photos and tell us what you think about Ruto’s journey to success;

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