Why Raila Postponed His Highly Anticipated Announcement, How He Can ‘REMOVE’ Uhuru From Power Lawfully

President Uhuru Kenyatta and CORD Leader Raila Odinga
President Uhuru Kenyatta and CORD Leader Raila Odinga PHOTO/COURTESY

NASA leader Raila Odinga postponed his highly awaited announcement slated for today  after this drama in his coalition.

According to our reliable sources, all is not well within NASA. Mudavadi and Orengo are having supremacy battle over who will inherit baba. They are both competing for airtime and when Mudavadi was the appointed spokesperson for this period, Orengo is slowly edging him out.


Meanwhile, Kalonzo is having his own problems. He got in trouble over a statement he made. The calls he received from the International community being asked to explain what he meant sent chills down his spine and so he has decided to take a back seat because he fears ICC may come calling in case of heightened violence. He would not want to be associated with any form of violence at the moment. Meanwhile Isaac Ruto is nursing his wounds after a bruising fight which he lost and Wetangula seems satisfied. He has a job. Hii kelele ingine haitambui.

Now you can see why Raila had to postpone the big announcement scheduled for today under the guise of “We are still consulting.”

Raila is expected to announce his heir tomorrow but the infighting might delay the announcement further if they don’t resolve their issues by today midnight

Having that done, we drafted some point on how Raila can easily see off Uhuru From power legitimally.

The plan is to have a coalition government between Raila and Uhuru, which I doubt will be possible.

Uhuru may be willing to have NASA principals on board especially if the country is ungovernable, but Ruto may not be confortable to eat with outsiders.

The Constitution states that a national election can be held when;

  1. The Parliament term expires
  1. President dies and
  2. More than 100 mps resign at the same time a number which NASA has.

Since Raila’s only bullet has been spent, there are three options for him:

  • Force a coalition government
  • Request at least 100 NASA MPs to resign


  • Retire from active politics

Requesting NASA MPs to resign is next to impossibility as most of them won the seats by luck.The second option, a coalition government, is also hard to come by since the country is still governable. we see him opting for the last option, retiring from active politics.

Plus254news wish Baba well.