Moses Kuria Does The Unthinkable. See what He Told Sarah Serem


Even before they are sworn into office for the start of the 12th Parliament, MPs through Gladys Wanga, the Homa Bay Woman Representative-elect and a member of the outgoing PSC have dismissed the new salary structure for MPs set by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

For instance,  Gathoni Wamuchomba argued that due to the huge responsibilities lying on the shoulders of MPs, they won’t survive on the meager salary suggested by SRC Chair Sarah Serem.


She adds that instead of reducing MPs salaries,Serem should be human enough and increase their pay.


However, Moses Kuria has told SRC Chair Sarah Serem to slice his salary further.

Kuria argues that there is no need for MPs to earn millions while other Kenyans are earning peanuts.

In a Facebook post, Kuria says he will work with Serem to ensure public wage is reduced significantly.

Here is the legislature’s post:

Dear Sarah Serem. By this post I authorize you to effect the new salary level for myself. I would even suggest you look for legal mechanism for cutting my salary by a further 15%. I also commend you for revoking all my sitting allowances, otherwise if you didn’t do so I would have been tempted to also claim for sleeping allowances. The Jubilee government will effect free day secondary education in January. I trust that with my reduced salary and no sitting allowances, we can now work towards subsidizing fees in boarding schools or providing free meals for poor malnourished kids in primary schools. If we do that we will reduce the strain on our bursaries thus reducing my headache as Member of Parliament for Gatundu South. Finally Sarah I will be looking forward to working with you in the 12th parliament to reduce the public wage bill and reduce the many political offices in this country. We must work together towards a target if no more than 35% of our budget going to recurrent expenditure and 65% going towards capital expenditure that will spur development, long term growth and prosperity. It is tempting to ask you not to cut my salary or reduce my sitting allowances. But when I think of the kind of a country I will bequeath to my boys Brian and Dennis, I think twice. When I remember that there are families in this country who did not have something for dinner last night, not because they forgot to cook but because they did not have something to cook, I think twice. I hope that other nonpolitical public officers will take notice