Kenyan Woman Shames Her UNFAITHFUL Husband In A Newspaper Advert, Warns Mama Mbogas To AVOID Him (PHOTO)


The rising level of infidelity, particularly among old men and young women, is causing a lot of concern.

In recent times, women have engaged in very despicable acts all in the name of ‘protecting their marriages’.

While some women visit witchdoctors looking for charms and what have you, others opt to take matters into their own hands and end up killing their spouses.

But one woman, who had gotten tired of her husband’s unfaithfulness, has become the talk of the town after making a decision that was quite unheard of until today.

Wanjiku Kamami placed an advert in one of the local dailies saying she has been married to one Stanley Ndia since 1982.

She went on to ask anyone who sees him flirting with young girls or “mama mbogas” to tell him to go home to his wife. Mmeskia?

Here is the photo.