Karen Hospital Doctors Reveal This Following Nkaissery’s Sudden Death

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As Kenyans come to terms with the sudden death of former Interior CS Retired Gen. Joseph Nkaisserry on Saturday morning, Karen Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival has ruled out any possibilities of heart attack as the cause of death.

A source from the hospital who sought anonymity intimates that by the time Nkaisserry arrived at the hospital he was already dead and denied reports that Nkaiserry, who looked full of life at Uhuru Park on Friday during the peace prayers, had driven himself to the hospital


The source said: “The doctors received the late at around 1am and he was already dead. Since our profession does not allow doctors to assume, they run all the emergency procedures amid efforts to resuscitate him but unfortunately he was already past that,”

“The doctors tried to interrogate her wife but she said the late arrived in the house at around 10pm. Had a little conversation and planned that they would leave the house at around 9am the following day for usual activities before they retired to bed at 11pm,” he said

The 67-year old served in the military for 29 years where he rose to the rank of Major General before he joined politics in 2002.

President Uhuru appointed Nkaiserry as Interior CS to replace Joseph Lenku in November 2014

Currently the fallen #hero funeral arrangements are underway

R.I.P Nkaissery,  Kenyans are grieving!!.