Why Jullie Gichuru Wants Jubilee Politician Arrested


So the big story right now is that about gun drama which took place on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway involving controversial nominated Senator Paul Njoroge.

The ex Jubilee legislator unleashed his gun on Vivo Energy officials who were shutting down a Shell fuel station he has reportedly run down.

Hours after the Tuesday, February 7 incident, former television personality Julie Gichuru added her voice to the drama

The former Citizen TV anchor has lashed out at NTV for the poor reporting of the story where the hot tempered Njoroge shot at the aforementioned energy firm CEO Polycarp Igathe. We are not exaggerating, shots were fired.. literally.

In their news piece, the broadcaster painted the picture of Njoroge as just a gun totter, that he just drew his gun on Igathe.

But Julie Gichuru strongly disagrees. She doesn’t understand how guys at NTV missed the rattling sound of a gunshot? This made her give her opinion about what transpired on her Instagram page.

She shared a clip of the incident and wrote,

“Hold on NTV, your angle on this story is gun-toting? This footage shows the bugger shot at Igathe. Shot at him. He is lucky he missed and Igathe is lucky to be alive! This Senator should be disarmed and arrested immediately for attempted murder!” Julie Gichuru cried out loud.