IEBC Manager Chris Musando’s Scary Information Regarding His ‘Brutal’ Murder


“This is not politics. It is a matter of life and literally – death. For those of us who are friends to Chris, it’s a very sad issue.

I am particularly worried about his missing hand. When I frequented Chris’ office for my name to be uploaded into the IEBC portal, i had to wait for him the whole day. Later due to some delays, i could only get back to his office at around midnight.


All along I was communicating with him; and he assured me that he will wait for me.

He then asked me to send him my details via Whatsapp – which I did.

By the time I got to his office at almost 1am, he was still waiting for me!

When I asked him why he waited for me and why he couldn’t delegate to his deputy or any of the many ICT officers under him; he answered me that;

1) he is the only one with the passwords for any changes to be made in their ICT system.
2) He was going to a workshop out of town the next morning so this was the only time he could do it.
3) His fingerprints are the only ones that one can use to access the ICT system. Without his fingerprints no change can be made.

He jokingly told me that his hands and fingerprints are the most important in the country – as they are literally the keys to everything in the August 8 elections; & that he would insure them if he could!

Now that his body has been recovered, badly tortured and hands (plus of course fingerprints) missing, i shudder to think of what info may have been extracted from him during the torture, where his hands are, & what damage his fingerprints can do especially if well preserved. God help this country”


However, Renowned political columnist, Prof Makau Mutua, has revealed the person who may had a motive of killing IEBC ICT manager, Christopher Chege Musando.

Musando was one of the few people with knowledge on the whereabouts of the servers at IEBC.

He was also instrumental in ensuring that Kenyans have a free and fair poll in August.

Commenting on social media on Monday, Makau who is a former Law Lecturer at Buffalo Law School in Newyork said the murder of ICT manager is “a smoking gun” The fearless analyst added “It’s not rocket science why IEBC ICT director Musando, a key elections officer, would be murdered days to the polls”

He said those who killed Musando wants to rig the next month elections, which is 7 days from today.

“IEBC’s ICT manager Musando — a most critical officer — is dead. Should I believe the elections won’t be rigged?” Makau asked on Twitter on Monday afternoon.

It was a dark Monday morning that Kenyans woke to sad news that the key man in IEBC was no more

Information that reached media outlets  from the City Mortuary suggested that the death of Msando may have occurred barely hours after he reportedly went missing on Friday, July 28.

It is against mortuary regulations to reveal a victim’s entire body although a report from the City Mortuary revealed that Msando’s body had major injuries, including a broken left hand. The hand was broken between the elbow and the wrist.

While his face did not bear any injuries, there were a number of injuries on the rest of his body.

Msando’s body also reportedly had bruise marks, an indication that there might have been a struggle before his demise

Msando’s body was found stripped of clothing in a thicket in Kiambu county and was transported to the City Mortuary on Saturday at 11 am by Kikuyu police station officers.

He was recorded as an unknown body according to the mortuary records.

The remains of his body  which is lying at City Mortuary are said to be heartbreaking! Sound mind, clear voice silenced forever!!!