Gladys Kamande Threatens To Move To Court, Ndung’u Nyoro Deposits 5M Balance To Her Account


On Monday July 25, 2017, Activist Ndungu Nyoro, was the signatory to miss Kamande’s account , deposited the remaining balance Of Ksh 5 M into Gladys account, thus ending the controversy surrounding the woman’s case

Now, Gladys Kamande has threatened to sue anyone talking ill of her on social media or any other public forum.


According to her, negative talk from people amount to defamation and only works to humiliate her and her family thus worsen her condition.

She believes all those talking negative about her are either Nyoro’s supporters and beneficiaries or people salivating for her money.

The tough talking lady says if she spots any Kenyan talking ill of her, she will move to court immediately and sue for defamation.

Gladys has been the talk of social media after she demanded money contributed to her expense be deposited in her account, reportedly to buy a plot

Ndungu Nyoro was at the receiving end after he refused to release the money, though later he gave in to end the controversy

Gladys argued that since Kenyans contributed for the sake of her illness, she should receive the balance.