Former Mother -In-Law Actress Walks Out Of Her Marriage Leaving Kenyans In Shock (FULL DETAILS)


Aida Alisha also known as Olive from mother-in-law left the show for further studies after flying to the United States where she currently lives.

However, before all this the lovely actress got married to the love of her life in a white wedding that left many talking. But now things seem to have changed as the lady is reportedly single and judging from her posts shared on her gram – this could be true


Olive has been posting quotes talking about relationship problems (something done by most ladies) and for these reasons we cannot pretend that she is just randomly throwing shade at men who cheat.

In one of her posts she wrote saying…

“I learnt the hard way what love is not. IG you want to hear it, cool…I never really have much to say about what love is. I’m trying to find out myself.”

Therefore would it be wrong to conclude that she is currently single and is no longer interested in relationships?

Well, after reading the post below probably fans and friends can understand the reason she has decided to live like a single woman now that it is obvious she is no longer a married woman:

“Before the vows; my mindy, my soul and my heart was in awe of the man you pretended to be. Deceitfully treated me like a queen. I was the happiest woman ever until you made me bleed. You became my voice, my smile, my joy and my laughter but you also were my darkest hour, my worst nightmare.


You controlled my emotions my choices. At times, you beat me to the ground, yet still claimed you loved me. My reflection of love became coping with pain and my feelings despair remained mundane. Beating myself up day and after day for not doing right by you, so I decided to accustomed to tears, sorrow and pain.


Still trying to figure out why i allowed the manipulation to reign. Innocent mind struggling to deal and never be free. Sorry to say it but this is a bogus, fake love story, where a woman is getting attention through lies and deceit.”