Finally The Government Releases Details On What Killed Vocal City Lawyer Mutula Kilonzo


The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, has finally revealed what exactly killed renowned lawyer and former Makueni Senator, the late Mutula Kilonzo, in 2013.

Earlier reports had suggested that Mutula died of vi@gr@ overdose and that he was with a mysterious woman on the night of his death who was suspected to be a senior media personality


According to the report which was presented by Dr. SW Mwangi at the Machakos Law Courts on Wednesday, the late Makueni Senator died of massive bleeding caused by high blood pressure.

Mwangi explained that the massive bleeding could have been as a result of excessive ingestion of some substances.

“Mr. Kilonzo died of massive hemorrhage into the chest and cranial cavity due to significantly elevated blood pressure due to several factors including but not limited to excessive ingestion of pseudoephedrine (nasal/ sinus decongestant) in combination with caffeine,” the report said.

Investigations into Senator Mutula Kilonzo’s death ruled out a heart attack and narrowed down to a likelihood of poisoning.

Massive internal bleeding and a finding that all his internal organs were intact was a pointer to the presence of a toxin.

An examination of the body had revealed that both the arteries and the heart had not been ruptured as is normally the case when one suffers a heart attack, the source said.

The postmortem examination was conducted by seven doctors, led by the chief government pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor and his colleague Dr Dorothy Njeru at the Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi.

British pathologist Calder Ian Maddison flew to Kenya at the family’s request and took part in the examination. The exercise was witnessed by Machokos senator Johnstone Muthama, family doctor Luke Musau and Dr Emily Rogena.

Others were Dr Frederick Okinyi government pathologist of Machakos where he died. Family forensic pathologist Andrew Kanyi Gachie.


This comes even as Mutula’s family expressed disappointment in the manner in which the Government handled the investigations into his death.