Zari Hassan, king Lawrence Fight over late ivan property


You knew that it was only a matter of time before the two ‘Heavyweights’ fighting for Ivan’s property – King Lawrence and Zari Hassan – went at it.

Well according to a reliable source, King Lawrence and Zari Hassan almost grabbed each other’s neck on Saturday afternoon when members of Ivan’s family and close relatives met to discuss how property left behind by the deceased be managed.


However, amidst the meeting, family members proposed that King Lawrence be included on the list of those that will be in charge of over seeing Ivan’s estate something that turned Zari face from BROWN to RED.

‘I have never seen Zari bitter like she was in the meeting. She looked like a cobra about to strike its prey’, Source described Zari’s mood!

Meanwhile other sources say Zari walked out of the meeting claiming King Lawrence is a ‘poor nigga’ who has stubbornly super glued on Ivan’s property like a tick on a bull’s balls!

‘You are broke and used to eat off Ivan. Now that his dead where will you get food from. I hate you’, Zari was overheard leaving the meeting.

Be in the know! King Lawrence real name is Lawrence Kiyingi is half brother to the late Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari ex husband.

He is a member of the rich gang and a famous socialite in Uganda.