yummy thighs! Nairobian Strolled After She Exposed Her ‘gig’ To The Public


There’s this woman who elicited mixed reactions on social media after she shared a photo going to church while rocking a dress that exposed her yummy thighs and big derriere.

Social media users criticized her dressing saying that she was behaving like a [email protected]!tut3.

Shame on u . Can you  wear decent clothes  when u are going to house of God. Your body is God’s temple”- One of social media users commented.

Seducing the male preacher” Another one posted.

This is how the woman dressed to church and the comments that followed.


Shame on u.  Can  you wear decent clothes  when u are going to house of God. Your body is God’s temple

Seducing the male preacher

Wacha Kuenda Church Utaroga Pastor Na Thighs Yako.

Sawa,,salimia HUYO SHETANI unaenda kumuabudu!!!

The way you dress that is not a church, ujui mahali unaenda we unaenda meeting point siyo church

Hivo? Utafanya pastor asahau chenye amapanga kuubiri leo