You Won’t Believe The Kind Of Cheap Phone That Some African Presidents Are Using

Museveni on phone PHOTO/COURTESY

Technology is really growing. I remember the days when Nokia 3310 was the phone that people with big names used to have and now, it is no more.

Just recently, the powerful Uganda’s president, Yoweri kaguta Museveni, was seen making a call and the kind of phone that he was using is one that even my kid bro can’t use.

This came after Tanzania’s president, John Magufuli, was seen with his that resembles a Kabambe.

See the photos below

Museveni's phone
Museveni’s phone PHOTO/COURTESY
John Magufuli

All-in-all, the major purpose of a phone is to call and/or send SMS and if it serves the purpose, then let the rest be. What do you see?