11 highly trained members of the presidential security team(GSU) have perished  in the Naivasha tragic accident while heading back to Nairobi from Bomet where the Head of State was on a tour.

The 11 were among the 40 people who died during the accident

Njiru, who is said to have been among the first journalists to arrive at the scene, said that in addition to the numerous bodies and vehicle parts at the scene, there were bullets and other security equipment scattered all over the ground.

Driver of the Ugandan-registered Canter (registration number UAK 519C) might not have been aware of the terrain very well since he ran over one of the bumps while speeding hence losing control and ramming into other vehicles

The grisly road accident occurred after a track lost control and burst into flames.9 GSU officers were among those who perished in the accident

The accident which occurred on Saturday evening, December 10 Karai on the busy highway involved a fuel tanker and several other vehicles.

“The fire caught cars on both sides of the road. The truck was coming from Nairobi, but those heading to the city were also burnt,” Edwin Wafula, a survivor who suffered burns on his hand said.

The fuel tanker lost control and burst into flames hitting other vehicles which created a chain of knocks.

Meanwhile, An elderly Woman from Kisii has revealed she saw the Naivasha accident that has claimed 40 people. In a dream he saw people gathered in circles wearing red dresses giving sacrifices to their master along Nakuru-Naivasha highway. And once she started to pray, they began to disappear and scatter. This is what she said on Facebook group last week

” Lets remain remain strong in prayer because the evil one is at large. I have seen people gathered in circles along Major towns and highways making sacrifices of innocent souls to their master. I was so gutted and i began to pray and immediately they began to scatter and disappear. and just then i woke up sweating. This is a sign that we have to stay hard in prayer. Especially this festive month. This is no joke, we have to pray.”

The prophesy is similar to the one which foresaw the Kisii accident where 7 Kenyatta university students lost their lives.