Who’s The Strange Beautiful Lady With Raila [PHOTO]


There’s a photo of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) chief Raila Odinga that has been making rounds on social media.
You see, it’s not just any photo as the Opposition honcho is in the company of a mysterious hot woman and Team Mafisi cannot cope anymore -they have turned green with envy

Unlike what we’re used to, where Raila makes headlines because of his political utterances and other related stuff, the focus this time around is on the lady in glasses standing beside him.
Come on now, just admit it, isn’t the mamacita the perfect description of beauty?
After seeing the photo [see below], Kenyan men are veining on their faces and are wishing they were standing next to her, just right where Raila is.
This is happening just days after the former Prime Minister made headlines yet again after he was photoed with another strange lady.
That specific photo showed Raila in the company of his Ford Kenya counterpart Moses Wetangula at an undisclosed location enjoying alcoholic beverages and the former was being engaged by a mysterious woman.
Then there was this other time when another photo of Raila with a lightskin seating on his lap surfaced. As expected the picture caused quite some waves with some concerned citizens even tweeting his wife Mama Ida.