Watch Uhuru Kenyatta Doing The Thitima Remix Featuring Kymo & Stigah [Video]


Social media went crazy after Uhuru Kenyatta was featured in a remix of the hit song Thitima.

The song, done by Kymo & Stigah of Samawati Band went on to be a sensational gospel jam with a lot of hype, and the President took the song to echo a message to the youth.
In the video, Kymo & Stigah alongside the President are appealing to the public, particularly the youth to turn out in their volumes to register as voters.

Uhuru can be seen in the video eagerly anticipating to unleash the song’s drop “Thitima!”, as is the case with every fan of the jam. Once he got the chance, he did not disappoint.

“Chukua kura, ukikosa utapigwa, THITIMA!,” The President alongside the surprise hit-makers declared in alternation as the burst into laughter.

Watch the video below;