Was Mohamed ALI Of Jicho Pevu “Arrested” Over Hate Speech?, Here Is The Truth

mohamed ali
mohamed ali

KTN’s investigative journalist Mohamed Ali has finally spoken on his alleged arrest that left many questioning the accuracy of the reports.

Following the hate speech crack down that saw 8 legislators arrested and detained in different police stations, reports emerged that KTN’s Mohamed Ali later joined the suspects

Details have now emerged that he only accompanied the CORD leaders to the police station, only to be mistaken to have been arrested

Upon interrogation over the matter, Mr. Ali had this to say;

Wachana na hizi vitu za blog. Hao ni watoto hawana kazi ya kufanya. They have no life ni kusumbua tu na kuongea ill about others (These bloggers are like children, they do not have jobs to do but to speak ill about others, so don’t pay attention to them),” he said.