Warm welcome! Shaniqwa Educates Chris Brown On What It Means To Be A kenyan


Chris Brown is set to perform in Mombasa on October 8 alongside Nigerian entertainer Wizkid, Tanzanian diva Vanessa Mdee and their Bongo counterpart Ali Kiba.

The singer has multiple global hits under his belt including songs like; ‘Zero’, ‘Fine By Me’, ‘Grass Ain’t Greener’, ‘Who’s Gonna’, ‘Remember Me’, ‘Ayo’, ‘Loyal’, ‘Look At Me Now’, ‘With You’, just to mention a few.

Meaning revelers will have a time of their lives and get value for the expensive tickets that are going for Kshs 5,000 to 15,000.

Welcoming the R&B singer, actor shaniqwa took to his page to just inform him what it means to be a Kenyan

The letter ‘Dear Chris Brown’. Is to alert him -Chris Brown- on what to expect and also what is expected of him once he lands in Kenya.

Read it letter below:

“Dear Chris Brown,

Welcome to Kenya where mwanaume ni finance, mwanamke ni fine ass, where people leave as they return ‘acha niende ivi nakam’ where the husband huitwaa baby and the son huitwa baba. Bruh welcome to kenya where we have very men honest, hard working, single and virgin men more than our kenyan ladies.

Where comedians make a lot of sense than the politician and the parliament. Welcome to kenya where someone tells you goodnight and still ako online. This is the only place when you use the word pumpkin you sound sweet and get blocked asap when you directly translate it to malenge.

Where everyone thinks you are Justin Beiber’s elder brother huku ni kenya hatupendi ujinga.”