Video by Robert Alai That Shows DP Ruto Looking Sickly

robert alai
robert alai

DP William Ruto is alleged to be ailing following a post by controversial CORD blogger Robert Alai who said that the DP collapsed and was rushed to hospital yesterday evening.

Alai wrote in his social media that he was sure Ruto was rushed to Nairobi Hospital after collapsing at his Karen home on Wednesday evening.

Here is Alai’s tweet:


Later on Robert Alai appears to have retracted and apologized for his tweets after he alleged that deputy President William Ruto had collapsed at his Karen home and was recuperating at Nairobi Hospital.

Alai had claimed it was true and the Government was using old pictures of Deputy President Ruto in Northern Kenya.

However, Alai’s posts were discredited after Mr Ruto appeared in Mandera mid-morning alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta to commence a 3-day development tour of the northern Kenya.

But Alai has released a video showing Deputy President limping and looking sickly, could be true what Alai alleged after all.